Comune di Cagli                                                                                                                         

P.zza Matteotti, 1 – 0721 78071


Popolazione 8.889 abitanti(01/01/2013 – Istat)
Superficie 226,46 km²
Densità 39,25 ab./km²


Just 276 m of alt., On a spur of Mount Petrano, at the confluence of the rivers Bosso and Burano. The main crops are cereals, vines, fruits and fodder. Significant also raising cattle. Industrial activities are mainly in construction, furniture, glass. Craft mainly the production of wrought iron.

Founded in the twelfth century, the free town of Cagli, among which include the mayor Orsini, the Colonna, the Baglioni, the Gabrielli, and iMontefeltro Tarlati had subjected over 52 castles snidando facing the rural nobility and the abbots, without escape a aggressive policy that led to the weapons of his militia early in the cloisters of the powerful abbeys.

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