Belforte all’Isauro

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His role in history is witnessed by the ancient Church of St. Lawrence, whose origins are the eighth century AD Castle Belforte (now completely restored) stands, as if to protect the country. It not by chance was considered in past centuries, the first bulwark in defense of Massa Trabaria. Its origins are traced by historians to the VI – VII century AD; You have testimonies of many remakes, but the final impression, a little bizarre but picturesque, you must know the fantasy of architettoFrancesco Di Giorgio Martini, who rebuilt it at the behest of the Duke Federico da Montefeltro. In 1874 a Prussian nobleman, Hermann De Tenneret – Baron of Beaufort, convinced that in the past the castle had belonged to its Avi, bought it and then donate it permanently to the City of Belforte all’Isauro.

The area of ​​Belforte all’Isauro has developed a good economy linked to the mountain, which is surrounded, with productions of tartuficommercializzati on site, in the famous fairs of the province and around the world. Also significant is the production of truffle products such as pickles, creams and dressings.

The tree blooms and spontaneous give a small but valuable, production of honey. These and other products are reserved the Exhibition which is held every year in October.


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