Municipality of Pietrarubbia

Piazza Municipio, 3-0722 75110

The castle dates back to Petra Rubea Mille. Since 1200, from families incastellate warrior, emerged the lineage of the Counts of Montefeltro, faced for the investiture granted by Frederick Barbarossa. From this impregnable eagle’s nest, the Counts of Montefeltro expanded their domains to the low and high Romagna Brand. In 1250 the branch of Urbino Ghibelline Guelph fell off the branch of the Counts of Pietrarubbia, while continuing both to bring the prestigious title of Counts of Montefeltro.

 Church of St. Sylvester Parish Pietrarubbia, his dedication recalls the cult of Pope Sylvester II (990-1003), the pope of the fateful year Mille. And ‘This is the time when the castle was founded by Petra Rubea, Arnaldo Pomodoro has carved a new marble altar and the great sun bronze. CENTER TAM (Centre for artistic treatment of metals) is a training and further education for young people, founded by the Municipality in collaboration with the sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro as chairman, it is now directed by Eliseo Mattiacci. In ancient noble palace owned by the Pomodoro Foundation you can visit the permanent exhibition of objects and sculptures created annually by the students of TAM.

Permanent exhibition ceramics – Multimedia Museum – Medieval forge steel

Inside the restored village of Pietrarubbia you can visit an exhibition of ceramic fragments painstakingly restored, highlighting the richness and variety of forms of plates and mugs in different historical periods. Still, you can admire a rare medieval steel complex that once again the entire production cycle of the fierce; and to make it even more interesting visit there is the opportunity to access the multimedia museum.

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