Marotta (towns of Fano and Mondolfo)

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Marotta is a relatively young town that of past ages preserves only the name, derived from the Latin “Mala Rupta”, in memory of the battle of the Metauro, which took place in 207 BC, in which the Romans inflicted a heavy defeat Carthaginian army led by Hasdrubal , brother of Hannibal.

In the Middle Ages Marotta was a postal station used to change horses to stagecoaches games from Ancona and direct in Bologna.

Today Marotta has a special, perhaps unique in Italy, which long has been debated; In fact, its territory is the responsibility of two municipal administrations: half figure comefrazione of Fano and the other half as a fraction of Mondolfo. This creates some discomfort the people who, nevertheless managed to turn a small “group of houses” in a well-served resort.

The “Garagoi”

As mentioned, Marotta is a seaside resort, but the people here, before tourism entrepreneurs, is a seafarer, small fishermen in the early morning along the shore in search of the good fish from the Adriatic. So the fish, as well as having been the source of labor and economy for decades, is the main ingredient of the local cuisine. The garagoi in particular, a snail little regarded by others, became a delicious dish which is dedicated each year an ancient festival.

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