City of Montefortino

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The territory is an extraordinary document to read the economic history of the mountain Piceno.

Economy and pasture testified breadth of communal pastures of Castel Manardo and the widespread presence of “commonalities”, forms of organization linked to a community and collective use of resources. From the sixteenth century progresses agriculture cereal with the model of sharecropping farm. The tower houses, of which the oldest is dated 1504, bear witness to this appoderamento. Powerful in their trend and closed vertical, tower-houses consist of a ground floor used as a stable, a first floor where is the farm family and an attic where they breed pigeons, indispensable to the fertilization of the fund with the production of said fertilizer precisely “palombina”.


The generous mountain offers the possibility of collecting truffles, blacks and whites, mushrooms, agaricus mushrooms and simple.

Museum of the Mountain:

The town has significant heritage of cultural goods in the common area, but also a place dedicated to the conservation of works of art: the Art Gallery entitled Fortunato Duranti (1797-1864). The Duranti had a romantic personality bohemian painter and was refined collector of works of art arranged to donate to the City. The works of the Art Gallery cover a wide span, from Gothic to Neoclassical. The paintings and drawings of Fortunato Duranti, “artist of genius extravagant” as it appears in a fascinating self-portrait, are an original and substantial corpus.

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