City of Osimo
Piazza del Comune, 1-071 72491



Important market already in Roman times and a bishopric since the fourth century, the central area of ​​the city is also the oldest, as it was the first to host, during the Piceno, settlements.

In the second century. B.C. Osimo, already high in the “municipium” from Rome, was awarded the title of Roman colony. Back from companies Gallic Caesar tip of Osimo, the city opened the doors in 49 BC It is also one of the first cities to witness the spread among its people of the Christian faith.

In 754, with the descent of Pepin, king of the Franks, called in help from the Pope, Osimo is sold to the state of the Church, while preserving their autonomy. Passes under the feud of the Malatesta of Rimini who were driven out after a short period (1399-1430) and new citizens swear allegiance to the Pope. In 1435 he entered the city militias Sforza who remain there until 1443. She returned to the Church, is again Osimo at the center of fierce fighting, this time with the neighboring municipalities and especially with Ancona, on the grounds of the border. From 1797 it is under French rule until the advent of Napoleon, who occupies it in 1808. Return to the papal allegiance in 1815. Following the Battle of Castelfidardo (1860) the city becomes part of the Kingdom of Italy.

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