City of Fiuminata

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His story begins with the construction of the Roman road that connected the town of Nocera Umbra Pioraco continue for up to Osimo.


However, only with the Lombards began development of the valley, in fact the eleventh century by the Count of Nocera Umbra, dependent on the Duke of Spoleto, this territory was divided between the various feudal lords and were built well, the first fortified settlements. At the end of the thirteenth century it was administered by various feudal lords who followed the Da Varano and, after selling their land to the City of Camerino, formed two municipalities autonomous rural Poggio-Sorifa (of which there are traces of walls) and Fiuminata. This probably was built from scratch. In 1816 the two municipalities were united, and the town hall was transferred, in 1872, in the Palazzo Gasparri-Fornarini where he currently is.

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