Montefalcone Appennino

City of Montefalcone

Via S. Pietro, 27 – +39 0734 79111

From the top of a steep rocky ridge that separates the valleys Aso and delTenna, Montefalcone with its unmistakable profile, rises up to make visible the village, for miles and miles. This panoramic viewpoint is characterized as one of the most beautiful natural balconies in the region.


High above the town, stands an old stone tower with a square base, the last bastion of the medieval castle built by Fermo during 1242. Even the urban structure reveals the imprint of this time although emerge numerous testimonies the following centuries. The road to Comunanza routed through a tunnel dug into the rock, dating back to 1833. On top of the country have been found numerous fossils of the Tertiary. Worth knowing is also the Garden Tronelli, built on a slope on the edge of the high cliff montefalconese. From this place opens a wide panorama that sweeps from the Maiella to the entire chain of Sibillini.

Among the natural features of the land flora particularly interesting they were classified and studied well over 33 species of wild orchids.

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