City of Monsano

Piazza Matteotti, 17-0731 61931

Monsano seems that once was a district sacred to the Muses.

And ‘certain that in the twelfth century was simple “Villa” and “Castle” property of the Abbey of Valfocina. Villa came fully become part of the State Jesi in 1197. It was occupied in 1460 by troops of Sigismund Malatesta, Lord of Rimini, called in help from Ancona in recurring war against Jesi. The castle remained in the hands of Ancona until 1463 when, venutole less help from the Malatesta, Ancona decided to return to Jesi. Jesi ordered the demolition of the walls for the castle no longer served as a refuge and a stronghold for the enemy. If this was implemented, the walls had to be rebuilt soon because, come down to us are dated XV century. They are original in shape and layout and disopngono according to a regular rectangle that has no counterpart in the Vallesina.


Marche, reputation of industrious people and “festajola”

Here there are some parties and banquets, processions and concerts, and cultural events; Some recount is doing harm to others, but how not to mention the “Procession of the vote” (10 March), 4 centuries of devotion, or the evocative “Via Crucis” of Good Friday, the rhythms of “Scacciamarzo” or the week in honor Assumption, or the festival of the “Palio” with its 27th edition is the most tenacious of the Area, or the “Monsano Folk Festival”, now in its 16th time is the focus of the full program of summer events, which ranging from theater performances to moments of festivals that make Monsano a major attraction for tourists visiting the nearby Adriatic.


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