San Costanzo

City of San Costanzo

Piazza Perticari, 20-0721 951211


San Costanzo is a beautiful town of our region that includes about 5,000 inhabitants; This village is a village full of beauty but also of history witnessed by the beautiful fortified village.

The history of San Costanzo, dates from the eighth-seventh century BC In the fifteenth century it hears some of the presence of Malatesta who would build the castle walls. The castle of San Costanzo was of great strategic importance, so much so that in 1429 the Fano it settled the walls for use in the feared invasion of the Visconti. After various historical events, in 1520, with Pope Urban VIII, St. Costanzo came under the rule of the Papal States.

The municipality of San Costanzo is composed of two fractions: Cerasa, whose name seems to date from the name of its mountain Ceregia, on which the castle was built on the ashes of the oldest castle of Querciafissa. The other fraction of Stacciola, ancient building, in 1412 was given in fief to Pandolfo Malatesta in Maurizi Nicholas of Tolentino. Even Stacciola is fortified and as such helps to enrich the heritage of this beautiful town.

2_951_2015312154141The village of San Costanzo is a village rich in history and tradition also documented also by the century-old Polentara Festival, the oldest festival of the Marches, which takes place both in March than in July and where you can enjoy delicious polenta with numerous varieties of sauces prepared according to a recipe handed down over the years and jealously guarded. The Festival represents an appointment Polentara tradizionaleper the surrounding territory, and for this event will gather in San Costanzo polentari teachers from all over Italy. This event is so perfect for every visitor because it allows you to savor that which is the true tradition of our region made of genuine care and love for our beautiful land.

Visitors to San Costanzo will be completely immersed in an atmosphere of culture, tradition and history, a unique atmosphere that distinguishes our magnificent Region.


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