City of Ripe

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Ripe, fortified village of medieval origin, then free municipality, was part of the Vicariate of Mondavio. The history is marked by a succession of lords, from the Malatesta to the Piccolomini, interspersed with a return to the Church. There is still the advent of Giovanni Maria Varano, the Duke Guidobaldo II della Rovere, the Counts Andreani, again Piccolomini and the Marquis Giulio della Rovere. Ripe with Napoleon became part of the Province of Ancona; the restoration of papal power returned to the delegation of Pesaro and Urbino. In 1860, with the avvenot of the Kingdom of Italy, Ripe definitely enters into the province of Ancona.

Town Hall built in 1938, draws on medieval architectural motifs (mullioned windows on the facade, battlements dovetail, civic tower).

Parish Church of San Pellegrino originally St. Mary’s Bridge, was rebuilt at the end of ‘700. Inside pregievoli paintings including a “Virgin of the Rosary” with the representation of the 15 mysteries.

Church of St. Michael the Archangel has an interesting eighteenth-century painting attributed to the Ravens.

Church of the Cross (private – nineteenth century) inside a beautiful burial ground covered with terracotta elements families Lavatori-Fiorenza.

Other highlights include:

Church of Our Lady of Consolation (XVIII century);

Church of Our Lady of the Rosary;

Church of St. Anthony of Padua (1910 – private).

Of note some historical buildings like Palazzo Florence, on the main square and Villa Castracane or “hundred windows”, in the village of Brugneto.

The agricultural land is characterized by the average hilly crops (vine, cereals, beets, fodder, seed-bearing plants, horticultural crops). Good presence of tall trees used to produce precious woods (oaks, poplars, willows, elms).


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