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Barchi has ancient origins. The first documented settlements date back alTerzo Millennium BC It was certainly a flourishing center throughout the Roman era; They were found many artifacts that testify to the presence of villas, farms and temples (especially a temple dedicated to the god Apollo).

In the Middle Ages, after the barbarian invasions, it was a village agglomeratosi around the Church of St. Martin, and then built a castle on the hill since the twelfth century., Which became very strong, so as to constitute for centuries the bulwark of the defensive vast territory called ecclesiastical Vicariate.

In the Renaissance, in fact there was the establishment of the “Vicariate of Barchi”, a real small state with jurisdiction over capital Barchi and five other castles, which ended, however, in the orbit of the Duchy of Urbino. The great urban revolution desired by Duke Guidobaldo II della Rovere completely changed the role of the Castle. The Duke gave the work to his trusted architect Filippo Terzi from Bologna, this great architect designed a true “Renaissance town”, turning the castle into a remarkable example of urban design renaissance. After centuries of glory in 1860 joined the Kingdom of Italy.

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