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While it boasts origins dating back to prehistoric times, this village of two thousand inhabitants experienced its greatest development during the Middle Ages, being enclosed around an ancient castle (probably XI century). He was part of the possessions of the monastery of St. Vittoree was also the Counts of Genga to whom it was named. Occupied several times by Fabriano (first Chiavelli and then Francesco Sforza), was born here Hannibal Gengadivenuto the Pope with the name of Leo XII.

Important from an artistic monument are: the Walls, the Church of St. Clement, the Abbey of St. Victor.

Among “stalactites” and “stalagmites”

Genga is famous worldwide for the Frasassi caves and spas that use a spring of sulphurous water that flows in the same throat: discovered in 1971 by CAI Speleological Group Marches of Ancona and opened to the public in 1974, they are a huge complex underground. genga brands

The route is very scenic and lighting, curated by acclaimed set designer Cesarini from Senigallia, accentuates the forms and colors of the concretions, stalactites, gigantic stalagmites, lakes enclosed between crystal arabesques, alabaster lance that detach from the majestic vaults. World Economy is the Umbria-Marche Apennines with a powerful development of the karst and the presence of an austere and untouched nature that keeps intact the signs of an ancient past. We Frasassi between two mountains cut to peak on a wild gorge into which flows with difficulty Sentino. The cliffs above the gorge have been gradually eroded by water thus becoming permeable. This corrosive action has also worked in depth, creating large fracture and cave complexes. A half wall of the right bank of the river overlooking the immense hall of the “Cave of the Sanctuary” certainly inhabited by prehistoric man.

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