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In the fourteenth century, the castle was subject to the lords of “Lauditorio” whose family ended, however, disrupted due to a policy of alliances and definitely wrong that led to the domination of the Malatesta place until 1463 and then the Montefeltro that aggregated to Duchy of Urbino until its devolution to the Papal States. The name of Auditore (Latin Auditorium) goes back to the fact that the town served, both Malatesta Montefeltro, which where were discussed the causes and controversies.

The Castle of the fifteenth century, still retains the antique walls, two towers and the municipal tower with a circular base and hexagonal cell.

Parish Church just outside the walls of houses “Pentecost” a painting executed by Marino Medici in 1772.

Casinina developed in recent years, it has become the most populous village. In 1944 during the retreat of the German troops, after the breaking of the “Gothic Line”, it was the scene of violence and bloody fighting. To these facts it is dedicated a small but interesting museum.

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