City of Monterado

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It is believed that the area of ​​Monterado has been inhabited since ancient times, according to the ARCHAEOLOGICAL finds unearthed in the area of ​​Ripabianca. Many hypotheses have been advanced about the origin of the name and that of Monte Arato is believed to be the closest to reality whereas after the barbarian invasions, the territory was divided into funds well cultivated

ll’ombra of Churches and Monasteries. The year 1267 is generally referred to as the birth of the village. Already a free commune, Monterado has a common history in the Senigallia, Castelcolonna and Ripe. In the seventeenth century it became part of the Papal States and entered in the legation of Urbino. He returned under the Statute Pontifical parentheses after the Revolutionary and Napoleonic. In 1860 it was annexed to the Kingdom of Italy. A medieval village with small streets paved with stone, in the middle of the seventeenth-century Palazzo Cinciari incorporating the remains of a fortress of the fifteenth century, around the great forest that stretches toward the valley, dotted with houses of farmers.

An ancient village with traces of the ancient walls, with his wisdom of life, not randomly inserted into the landscape, that allows to take advantage of the sea, a short distance, if

nce necessarily have to live with neurasthenia from tanning. Monterado is a small hill town active and lively place on the right side of the Valley

 Cesano, fifteen kilometers from Senigallia: the air, the location, the friendliness of the people, the serene atmosphere of life make it a suitable place for a day trip or a stay quiet and restful. It is believed that the area of ​​Monterado has been inhabited since ancient times on the basis of the finds at the Ripabianca area, including pottery decoration imprinted, which provide us with a fairly clear picture of the first agricultural civilizations of the Marche region, together ceramics type Ripoli and type Lagozza the allocation of Santa Maria in Selva di Macerata. In our day it presents itself to visitors as a place peacefully active. Agriculture, once the only resource in the area, they came alongside artisan and industrial activities esplicate especially in the engineering, chemical and footwear. Some are active cultural centers such as the Social Center of Continuing Education which also features a library. It ‘opened a multipurpose gym, tennis courts and games of bowls have been joined to the football field. Events of various kinds are opportunities for cultural enrichment and entertainment for citizens and tourists.


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