City of Jesi

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The town is located in the floor and part on a hillock on the left bank of the river Esino, in the lower part of its valley.

It was founded by the Umbrian and conquered by the Etruscans. In the fourth century the Gauls came down from the north, settled there making the city last stronghold against the Piceni. The Romans, in 295 BC They elected the first colony and then the town hall. With the dissolution of the Western Empire, Jesi became part of the Byzantine Pentapolis Mediterranean. Donated to the Church, with the coronation of Charlemagne (800 AD) falls under the jurisdiction of the Imperial. In 1130 it became a free commune with the autonomous government. Born in 1194, in the heart of the city, the Emperor Frederick II of Swabia who donate to Jesi the title of “Royal City”.

Later it belonged to several lords Malatesta, Braccio da Montone eFrancesco Sforza. From the middle of the fifteenth century by a strong urbanization it changes its appearance coincides with a boost to the arts and crafts. In 1797 Napoleon’s troops put an end to the monopoly is noble who had created over the centuries, it is the domination of the Peasantry. With the annexation of the Marches to the Napoleonic Kingdom becomes the capital of the Department of Metauro. The Risorgimento leads Jesi unification of Italy.

Tower of Montirozzo has become the symbol of the city for its particular beauty. It makes beautiful backdrop to the statue of Emperor Swabian Frederick II, the stupor mundi. The tower is part of a defensive complex of the best preserved of central Italy and recently renovated.

Palazzo della Signoria is the most prestigious civil work and currently houses the Municipal Library and the Historical Planettiana. The architectural design is the work of Francesco di Giorgio Martini. Civic tower dates back to 1666 while the watch is the ‘700. The main portal stands the shrine in Istria stone with the Lion Rampant Coronatostemma Jesi. In the courtyard are the porch and the cistern.


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