Mercatino Conca

Mercatino Conca
Piazza Rossini, 12-0541 970145

Mercatino Conca, as the name suggests, boasts its miglire TRADITION in the activity of markets; Duke Guidobaldo I Feltrio, in 1508, recognized in Mercatino Conca the benefit of the markets every Friday and cattle fairs of Good Friday, Ubaldo and St. Peter.

Even today, in fact, every Friday morning there is the traditional market that fills the country especially in the summer with tourists and joy. Then the big cattle markets have given way to two major markets: Fair Friday eFiera Ubaldo (Sunday after May 16) that are certainly not regret the crowd of old, renewing a dear and beloved folk tradition.

The Apennine landscape is wonderful, full of dark green color of the land and the blue of the sky and the sea that you see on the horizon. The River Basin, crossed the bridge, is the more pronounced seng of nature, a gentle nature with its fresh waters, its bends and alcoves, but who knows also become furious with the winter rains.

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