City of Mergo

Piazza Leopardi, 23-0731 814820

The news around Merganser date back to 1233; policies where the Rector of Brand pronounced a judgment about the boundaries between the territories of Arcevia and Serra where Merganser included within the territory of Serra. Merganser in 1278 was “villa” district no longer simple; in 1425 it is found the news that priam Merganser was Castle, so that in a little over two centuries, his condition took advantage considerably.

The territory is as if by magic to the left of the valley dell’Esino having to gray background and move the chain of the Apennines; the extension is small but the country is rich in natural beauty, setting worthy of its territory. Through the centuries, the technological advancement has also transformed Merganser, but mechanization and all other forms of development have left intact the natural beauty. The capital of Merganser is contained within its medieval walls, 400 meters above sea level, facing this way on the meandering course of the Esino, that in the valley where the most important arterial roads.

Merganser, yet in the hills, you can enjoy the benefits of the valley as it is conveniently connected with a new road that ascends from the SS 76. The country has numerous sports complexes: skating rinks, tennis courts and bowling greens.


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