City of Serrungarina

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The origin of Serrungarina is uncertain, among other things there is to clarify the fact that there are two Serrungarina: “the old”, also called Brisighella (now Borgo Bello) and “new”, called in time with different names: San Longarino, Serra Serra Ungarina or Longarina.

Always at the time of the ancient Romans “Tabernulae” (the village of Tavernelle) function was to place of rest for men and horses in transit on stradaconsolare Flaminia. During the Municipal a renewal movement did risolgere to life Pentapolis Fano Serrungarina which he belonged. In all probability it is precisely at this time that would be built the fortress of Brisighella, which was then granted in fief by the Malatesta family De Boccaccio of Meldon, long in the service of the House of Fano, and came to them held even when the ‘ extinction of lordship Malatesta.

 PEAR “Angelica”

Serrungarina boasts a typical product of his own: the pear “Angelica” in which each year is dedicated to a celebration. The Angelica, once widely cultivated throughout the province, here its ideal climate on the coast and at greater heights the fruit is spoiled by moisture and rain. The pear is juicy, sweet, with a characteristic smell and is suitable for all recipes.

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