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Piazza Libertà, 3 – 0733 2561

Located 314 m of alt . on a hill of the ridge that rises between the valleys of Potenza and Chienti .

Home to universities and graduate school of the Air Force. The city’s economy is based on the marketing of agricultural products of the surrounding area , constituting the most important cereals market in central Italy , with some weight also with regard to the cattle . Industrial development is recent, but already has a lot of companies active in the construction, mechanics, food and furniture . There are significant cultural and folkloric shows in September Macerata .

Heritage preserved over the centuries :

The city retains part of the walls of the fourteenth century . , Door Montana , the church of Santa Maria della Porta, with the lower church of the eleventh century . , And Fonte Maggiore, aRTEmagicC_macerata360.jpg five arches in the center of 1326. nothing remarkable among the surviving monuments of the fifteenth century . , while the first five is testified by the elegant Loggia dei Mercanti, the remodeled Palazzo Maggiore (prefecture) , Torre Maggiore, and mid-century architecture , of Bramantesque , St. Mary the Virgin , Galeazzo da Carpi , a Greek cross inscribed in a square with a high dome.

Of buckets. XVI-XVII are also some remarkable buildings : Irons , Hubs , Carradori , Lazzarini , Consalvi , the last two attributed to Tibaldi. The seventeenth century is evidenced by the church of San Giovanni and that of St. Paul, both of Barnabite Rosato Rosati, and from the town hall ( rebuilt in 1820 ) .

Intense architectural activity eighteenth century :

the church of St. George and the cathedral , both of Cosimo Morelli, the theater ( Bibienas – Morelli ) , and the palaces Santafiora Bonaccorsi , nor should we forget the small basilica of RTEmagicC_sferisterio – macerata.jpgMadonna of Mercy, wedged between newer buildings , dating 1497 but completely rebuilt with balanced refinement, interior and facade , by Luigi Vanvitelli (1742 ) .

The nineteenth century . boasts the sferisterio Irenaeus Aleandri , perhaps the most famous neo-classical realization of central Italy. In the former Jesuit college home to the Library, the Museum and the Municipal Art Gallery (paintings by Allegretto Nuzi , Crivelli , Girolamo di Giovanni da Camerino , Pulzone ) .


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