City of Frontino John XXIII, 16-0722 71131

The history of Frontino is that of a long dispute between the Malatesta from Rimini and Montefeltro for the madman of this “sentinel” in the territory of Massa Trabaria. The Montefeltro finally managed to keep it to pass a fief Oliva of Piandimeleto their vassals. Frontino, important part of the Duchy of Urbino, where he remained until the end of the dynasty of the Della Rovere – Montefeltro (1631). But the character of the town is about Malatesta who fortified, who raised the Palace of the family and that they provided the mill and religious buildings.

The towers and the mighty walls are reminiscent of the origins of this embattled castle, advanced sentinel of Montefeltro.

Palazzo Malatesta with basements in cross vaults which branches an underground road that leads “extramural” and a time until the Mill, which is also defended by a high tower, as old as the castle, which from here was stocked flour and bread.

The monumental fountain water sculpture by Franco Assetto, named after Catherine Remies Forlani as symbolic figure of teacher much loved by the people of Frontino.

Museum works of Franco Assetto in the city center you can visit the “Museum F. Trim”, a gallery of his works donated by the painter to the City of Turin.

Hermitage of St. Jerome (sec. XV) former home of the monks Girolami, after careful and laborious restoration is now a period residence open to tourists.

Monumental Montefiorentino pride of the City and a must for lovers of art and history; Franciscan place echoing names of great artists like Alvise Vivarini, Giovanni Santi, Francesco Ferrucci from Fiesole, master Zecchino, etc.. Inside you can admire the Chapel Oliva, a work of great Renaissance purity (1484), which makes the magnificent structure of the monastery founded by St. Francis (1213).

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