City of Montecopiolo

Piazza San Michele Arcangelo, 7-0722 78106

“First of notable et antiquity is the Castle of Monte Cuppiolo, about the year of the Lord 1140 … was inhabited by Count Antonio, who was named Count of Monte Cuppiolo and the year 1159 dall’estesso Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa had … San Leo with other places of Montefeltro. And from that time he was called Earl of Montefeltro, so his successors were surnamed from which they provennero the Dukes of Urbino. Likewise in 1448 Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta besieged Monte Cuppiolo and gl’abrugiò the village and many houses … It was not destroyed this castle and Rocca … the year 1520 in order to spread the gl’abitatori homes in Low and the rubble … they increased in gl’edifici Plan around, et maximum where it says the Grande Villa (Villagrande). “


A millennial Fair Pugliano (every Monday in September) has now a high historical and traditional. In addition to the purchase of many kinds of goods, the awards of the leaders horses and cattle (the second and third week) still collect interest among farmers Romagna, Emilia, Veneto and Tuscany. The landscape is characterized by forested peaks of Mount Ram (d. 1108), dalPalazzolo (d. 1194), from San Marco (d. 1123) and the Roccaccia (m. 1033). In Villagrande, in addition to numerous excursions easily workable, there are three modern ski lifts with vast ski slopes, including one in the village of Hermitage Montecopiolo, the north-east of Mount Carpegna, and two in the capital, as well as a lake where guests can fish .

40… era abitato dal Conte Antonio, il … abitatori sparsero l’abitazioni nel Basso e con le macerie …accrebbero 

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