Pian di Meleto

Town of Pian di Meleto

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Pian di Meleto rises on an orthogonal urban plan, promoted by the Rectors of Massa Trabaria. He was part of the county of the Counts Oliva and went to the church in 1574. The castle, with trap doors and battlements Ghibellines, was built on the ruins of a fortress erected under the Franks. Destroyed by Francesco Sforza in 1445, it was rebuilt perhaps by Simon George Ferrucci, in 1473 as home of counts of Oliva. Not far from Piandimeleto is the hamlet of San Sisto, ancient castle and home to one of the most famous exhibitions regional mycology. Monastery is located in the village of the Benedictine Abbey of St. Mary of the Mutino built (perhaps) in 1125 on the ruins of a pre-existing pagan temple dedicated to the god Mutino, which incorporated in 1462, the Abbey of the Sasso Simone. This is a complex that is an important piece of the history of Massa Trabaria and Montefeltro.

Castle of the Counts Oliva (XIV century) after a long and careful restoration, has returned to its former glory. The spacious lounges have been set up: the Museum of Earth Sciences and the Museum of Labour farmer among the most qualified of the Marches. Attached to the museum is the first library in earth sciences with over 1,000 specific works.

Monumental Parish Church (XIII century) inside a fresco of 1576 and some fragments of frescoes of the ‘400. On the walls of the Gothic tombstones of Oliva.

Home of the 7th work of mercy Ubaldiana houses the library (over 10,000 volumes) and a collection of art, archaeological finds, sculptures, ceramics, etc. that are part of a recent legacy.

Mushroom Museum in S. Sisto, home of the famous Mushroom Regional Exhibition, is the former parish and contains plaster casts of all mushrooms traceable in the region and in Italy.

Benedictine Abbey of St. Mary of the Mutino (XII century) in the village Monastery was a complex of great religious and political importance at the time of Massa Trabaria, now in sharp decline. It ‘was built on the ruins of a temple dedicated to the god Mutino and the abbey church preserves valuable oepre art.

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