It rises to the top of a hill, a short distance from the right bank of the lower Metauro (9 km from Fossombrone), surrounded by a charming green landscape of cultivated fields, vineyards and scattered trees.

Rich in history as founded by fossombronesi between the sixth and seventh centuries, derives its name from an ancient basilica of fifth or sixth century that once stood along the Via Flaminia and was dedicated to Saints Lorenzo and Ippolito. Through the ages it has followed the fortunes of Fossombrone to whom the ‘castle’ has always remained tied, becoming known for the activities of its stonecutters and masons that since the fourteenth century (and perhaps already in the Roman era) began to exploit the local quarries stone and marble, supplying of materials and skilled labor, numerous construction sites in areas too distant.

An art, one of the local artisans, of which S.Ippolito is now a small open-air museum where almost every house is notable for the presence of niches with images, portals, brackets, picture frames and various decorations. Within the city walls is the church of St. Anthony as well as the parish church of S. Ippolito where he is also a similar altarpiece.

The Clock Tower with stylish cell topped with onion-shaped cupola (sec. XVIII). There is unfortunately no longer the fortress that Federico da Montefeltro there erected by Francesco di Giorgio Martini to defend the border of its territory with that of Fano.
They are now part of the municipality S.Ippolito even the ancient castles of Reforzate (m.324) and Sorbolongo (m.359), which formerly belonged to the town of Fano and still surrounded by high talus walls.

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