City of Tavoleto

Piazzale San Vincenzo, 2-0722 629 129

The crenellated castle from the gothic, which currently characterizes the cityscape of Tavoleto work is fairly recent as dates back to 1865, when the noble family Petrangolini commissioned its construction. But the foundation and part of the walls originally constituted the much older medieval fortress, built by Federico da Montefeltro, who was well aware of the strategic importance of this hill which dominates the entire valley, was built in 1462 by Francesco di Giorgio Martini .

As for the name of Tavoleto it seems to derive from the main economic activity once exercised in the area: the exploitation of the forest and wood processing by transformation of the logs into “tables”.

As evidence of the strategic importance of Tavoleto, scene of epic battles between the Montefeltro and Malatesta so that the inhabitants of the country were defined “burned” by the devastation suffered and the resulting fires.

In the pasture of Tavoleto are bred sheep whose milk is processed into fine cheeses, this is the home of a dairy tradition. In the undergrowth mushrooms, truffles and other small fruits are collected to be protagonists of tasty dishes on the table.

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