Borgo Pace

Borgo Pace
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Borgo Pace is the capital of a joint extended in the ancient territory of Massa Trabariafino the pass of Bocca Trabaria (m. 1044).

village paceIn a charming sun, balmy air, the picturesque landscape, tells the story of its medieval castles: Lamoli, Sompiano, Castel di Bavia that in sec. XV gives way in the plan to Borgopace, Castel dei Fabbri, Figgiano, Palazzo Mucci, Parchiule.

Among forests of firs, cedars, of fustaglie, enlivened by fresh water springs (source of the Firs) and streams (Meta and Auro) they have ruled ancient peoples (by the Umbrians to the Romans, to the Lombards), to domination of powerful families (from Massani Feltrechi to the Della Rovere), who left various traces of their civilization: the frescoes of the fourteenth and fifteenth, tables and oil paintings, ceramics and sculptures, architecture and rustic mighty high grace sandstone.

Hospitable to all, he received in 1818 Lucien Bonaparte, Napoleon’s brother, helped Giuseppe Garibaldi, became “partisan” in the resistance and suffered the devastation of Germany; resources renewing and widening, creating equipment tourist accommodation.

In Borgo Pace in the Cloister of the Benedictine Abbey of Lamoli it houses the “Museum of Natural Colors” to guide us through a journey in which the protagonists are the colors and all the uses that man has done since ancient times .

Lamoli: A m. 600 above sea level. until the establishment of the City of Borgo Pace (1872), it was the most important castle of the upper valley of Metauro. The foundation is due to the Benedictine monks in sec. VII, who built the vast and powerful Abbey of St. Michael the Archangel. Until sec. XIX was the seat of the Vicariate civil and had its statutes from 1412.

Abbey church with three naves and a crypt (Sec. VII and VIII), has remained intact with the monastery and the guest, when you created the hospitable “Oasis St. Benedict.” It ‘a great monument of art, also rich in frescoes and sculpture Brunellesca.

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