Belvedere Ostrense

Belvedere Ostrense has medieval origins, founded presumably by the monks of St. John of Arcignano; in its history, it was the state Jesi. In 1355 it was given by Cardinal Albornoz, in Nicholas of Boscareto, who began the Vicar of Belvedere until the beginning of 1400. In 1451 the formidable fortress of Belvedere was destroyed. From this period the country assumed the title of “Land” and expanded the boundaries of its territory. In 1860 it was declared town in the province of Ancona. Finally, the board meeting of November 20, 1862, based on the opinion in vogue that Belvedere had risen from the ruins of Ostra, you got to call the country Belvedere Ostrense.

Castle: its walls surround three sides of the Old Town and the present structure dates back to the ‘400. From around the walls you can enjoy a panoramic view of the hills.

Palace Baleani: since 1872 the town hall. Inside is the standard, single, that castles subject to Jesi had to submit to the city on the feast of the patron saint.

International Museum of the Image Post: the museum is rooted in the fact that the patron of Belvedere San Rufo “tabellarius” (ie postmen) and Roman who was martyred for this elected by the church to the patron saint of postmen. Not a philatelic museum, but a collection of images that illustrate the postal systems of the various countries of the world. Special features: the “artistic section” where are collected ca 400 francobollil run by painters, sculptors and graphic Italian and foreign artists.

The agricultural land is characterized by intensive cereal and due to its favorable location, the wines are all to be enjoyed: the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, the Tear of Morro d’Alba and Rosso Piceno. Industrial activities have their base on small workshops (the famous “Marche model”) specialize in the manufacture of molds, carpentry iron and textiles.

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