S’nigaja dialect or even Sinigaglia name used until the beginning of the twentieth century, is the second largest municipality in the province by population, after the capital Ancona. The area of Senigallia is the language border between the Gallo- Italic dialects and Italian proper.



Senigallia is since 1853 one of the capital ‘s seaside resort on the Adriatic coast . Thirteen miles of golden sands draw the outline of a city that has earned the nickname of ” velvet beach” . All in Senigallia manages to make the visitor feel perfectly at ease : the sea and always clean swimming , tourist services efficient , a perfect host .

A city on a human scale , to live intensely walking under the Portici Ercolani or along the elegant streets of the old town or perhaps traveling along the bike paths that cross away from the aggression of the car . It is this special quality of urban life that has allowed Senigallia to achieve the prestigious European Blue Flag City .



Which has become a destination for European fame thanks to summer jamboree festival 50 years that for over a week as the city of Senigallia bringing it back in time , attracting tourists from all over the world


Spending a holiday in Senigallia means to dip , as well as its clean sea, even in its rich art treasures. The powerful lines of the Rock Roveresca revive the grace and harmony of the Italian Renaissance. There are so many s

crigni precious that open the eyes of visitors : the Church of the Cross, with the beautiful “Deposition” by Barocci , Portici Ercolani the theater of the historic fair, Munich Palace , the Forum Annonario .

Then suspended between land and sea rises then the symbol of tourism Senigallia , charming Rotonda a Mare , one of the rare examples of seaside architecture in Italy . Of great interest is the location of the museums, the Museum of the History of Agriculture and the Municipal Museum of Modern Art and Information, which offers the all-important civic collection dedicated to the great photographer Mario Giacomelli Senigallia .



A holiday in Senigallia offers you the possibility to spend pleasant days under the sign of fun and relaxation. For sports lovers there is plenty of choice. In fact, you can practice swimming, sailing, windsurfing , beach volleyball , water skiing and much more.

An event not to be missed is the one with the shopping , to be eaten in fine shops citizens.

For lovers of good food , Senigallia can be considered a true paradise , with its chef stably at the top of Italian and with plenty of restaurants and pizzerias that are able to offer a menu with excellent value for money .

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