Gabicce Mare

City of Gabicce Mare
Via C. Battisti, 66-0541 820615

Today the village of Gabicce comes as the result of recent events linked to transformations started after World War II. Once it existed only Gabicce Monte (Castrum Ligabitij), whose name was derived from the ancient feudal lord who in the tenth century it controlled the territory. They followed the rule of the Malatesta, Sforza and Della Rovere.

Near Gabicce Monte are the remains of Roman activity at the “marina” Vallugola; although the fisheries true were practiced at the nearby port of Catholic; gabiccesi sailors began to specialize from the beginning of the twentieth century when fishing for clams, sardines and mackerel.
On the border with Romagna is the first coastal town of north of the Marche and a brilliant “business card” for the entire region. A sinuous coastline, full of small beaches and the promontory of Gabicce Monte overlooking the sea, are the natural features of the landscape, enhanced by the presence of an excellent hotel services. Nature lovers will not be disappointed for sure, they will find a little paradise, where the Colle San Bartolo, protected by the homonymous Regional Park, offers a number of routes for simple walks, both to grapple with the trek. The quality of life and attention to the environment have earned in Gabicce Mare several times over the years the “European Blue Flag” recognition reserved for places that favor the environmental quality and the ability to offer valuable services to tourist.

Little old has been preserved in Gabicce, today the town is known internationally as a beautiful and organized “beach resort”.

Church Sant’Ermete (775 AD): now completely transformed. Inside you can admire an ancient fragment of a fresco of the “Madonna del Latte” and a valuable wooden crucifix (XIV c.).

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