Cerreto d’Esi


Cerreto d’Esi

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During the invasions of the Lombards residents Tuficum escaped the looting cecarono refuge in the hills surrounding. Thus it was formed the nucleus of Cerreto d’Esi, then fortified with high walls to become a castle stronghold of General Belisario during the war greek-Gothic. In the Middle Ages had legislative autonomy as reflected by the statutes of 1530. The current town developed around the old town of which remain the Porta Giustiniana and especially the Civic Tower called “Belisario”. Cerreto d’Esi economically is in the middle between industry and agriculture: here is produced the excellent “Verdicchio Mate-lic”.


Castle (eighth century) with an octagonal shape, typical of the Roman, has the port of Justinian, the tower dell’Agostino, the male side of the main entrance and the “Tower of Belisario,” Round and unique . The tower, 27 meters high. with a diameter of 6, was on top of the openings redone very recently, five indoor and a drawbridge entrance.

Collegiate Church of St. Mary’s Square (rebuilt in ‘600) with a venerated wooden crucifix of the sixteenth century.

Church of Santa Maria della Porta (XIII century) contains the tombs of the accounts Attoni and a special “still life” of the seventeenth century.

Church of the Annunciation (XVI century) enriched by donations of noble families.

They are to be reported in this area also:

the church called “The Incrocca”, belonged to the noble Ramelli Fabriano; the Church of Our Lady of the Venza; Lachiesa delle Grazie, which houses a statue of the Madonna and Child very dear to the devotees; the Church of St. John the Baptist (XIII century); the Church of S. Leopardo (seventeenth century); Finally, the Church of St. Lucia, now privately owned.


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