Belforte del Chienti

City of Belforte del Chienti

Piazza Umberto I, 13-0733 951011

panorama Belforte 2
 There is no evidence of prehistoric  settlements, but the presence of  population centers along the  Chienti and Potenza and finds of  Attic pottery with red figures,  they can not be explained only by  the location of centers along an old trade route towards’ Etruria.

The first documented Belforte is 1207, when the “castrum” submitted in Camerino, but the history of the area is much earlier because it was present on the court Benedictine Travenano, belonging to the Abbey of Farfa (Rieti ), attested at least the eleventh century. From the Roman period are the tombs found and the stone slab with the Fifth Plotius (I cent. BC – I century AD.). The medieval castle walls remain, largely preserved and recently renovated, but the doors and the quarterdeck. There were no reports of defensive ditches, probably unnecessary given the particularly prominent position of the “castrum”.

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