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The entire municipality of Folignano is an area mainly from being placed on the border of what was once the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

In the territory we find the presence of two fortifications, the castle of Folignano and LaRocca Morro, both principals of the City Ascolano, along with Maltignano Ankaran and formed a protective barrier on Monteprandone. Castle Folignano we started to find historical notes from 1263, when Manfred, King of the Two Sicilies sacked with his soldiers. In 1394 the castle was sold by Boniface IX captain Tibaldeschi of Ascoli Piceno, for military services rendered by him in the war against the Duke of Atri. The last news dates back to 1557 and is one of its destruction by the Spaniards in the war with the French, called by the Pope. His stories were mixed, but it was always related to the municipality of Ascoli and under its jurisdiction, what It was mainly due to its strategic location.


Castelfolignano hamlet not far from the capital, in the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and St. Cyprian there is a triptych by Pietro Alemanno (student of Crivelli) of the fifteenth century, representing St. Maria delle Grazie with baby Jesus, the sides S . Cyprian and St. Catherine of Alexandria, is considered one of the best achievements dell’Alemanno.

Church of San Gennaro preserves a relic of the Holy Cross in gilded copper, 400.


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