City of Montemonaco

Piazza Risorgimento, 8-0736 856 141

 Situated at 1,080 m. s.l.m. Montemonaco looks like a large terrace on a scenario of the most evocative of the Apennines. Its name derives from the Benedictine monks, traditionally the first settlers of this area.

In the twelfth century. in defense of the country the inhabitants built high walls interspersed with sturdy towers, still existing, to counter attacks by neighboring municipalities. What still lingers in this strip of territory is the cult fantastic and the swarm of medieval legends whose protagonist is the Apennine Sibyl with her court of Fate. Today in Montemontemonaco marche 1monaco Sibilla and her mythical cave I am at the center of an important cultural and scientific comparison to recover historical and archaeological site.


Another medieval legend became the name of the glacial lake in high Aso valley (1,940 m) from Lake of the Sibyl at Lake Pilate, because he guarded the remains of the Roman precursor that left crucify Jesus; populated by demons, it is said that sorcerers will consecrate books command. In addition, its small basin is home to the “Chirocefalo Marchesonii” a tiny crustacean unique in the world.

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