City of Petriolo

Piazza San Martino, from 1 to 0733 550 601

The oldest document about Petriolo you in “Liber Laergtorium” Gregory Catino, monaco lived between 1060 and 1130, that the documents gathered in several volumes of the Abbey of Farfa.

As early as 705 it is certain that there was the “Fundo Peturiolo” and the name derives from “Praetoriolum” and is short for praetorium meaning “home of the magistrate” first, then “building” or “manor house” and then “villa” and also “Roman camp with the captain’s tent.”

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The old castle was probably built by the Benedictine monks of Farfa. Documents dating from the year 1000, the current territory of Petriolo was then owned by the Bishop of Fermo. In 1070 the bishop of Fermo sold it to a rich local, Grimaldo, son of Attone of the Nobles of the March is to him who is credited with founding the castle of Petriolo.

Piazzetta di San Martino: open like a balcony on an overhang of 15 meters. From here the view sweeps from the sea to the mountains, on a series of hills up to the mountains Sibillini, to see so much as to seem near, the massif of the Gran Sasso of Italy.

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