City of Serrapetrona

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The origins of Serrapetrona totaled around the eleventh century, when the castrum appeared belonging to the Benedictine Abbey of Farfa.


Although it is reasonable to think back to Lombard, the oldest artifacts lead to appropriations of Roman and even acquaintances Neolithic and Paleolithic age. With the privilege issued in 1270 Serra Filiorum Petroni (so the full name that is often read in the papers) passes under the rule of Camerino, from which you will emancipate only in the early nineteenth century. The name means “closing” or “locking a mountain valley” as it can be seen from the position that the country occupies on the right of Cesolone.

Dean Church: inside a Crucifixion on the table (the second half of the thirteenth century. Anonymous Marche); the “Marriage of St. Catherine” (fresco of the end ‘400); a cross stational (sec. XV); a painting attributed to Louis camerte Valeri and especially the “Resurrection of Christ”, eight figures fresco discovered during the removal of the Altarpiece (1961), dated to the second quarter of the fourteenth century.

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