L’ Arte delle Marche

Our region is full of wonderful places to explore, breathtaking landscapes and villages full of history and art. This section will cover the History of the Marches; what to see, where, in what museum, city, municipality or village are the hidden treasures of our region:

(edited by Federica Silvi)


The Marche region lives in recent years a cultural renaissance art and architecture of the rediscovery of the great traditions, itineraries, and typical products that had been temporarily obscured by an exclusive reception and tourist summer or purely localized in certain areas such as the coast.


The rediscovery of certain architectural treasures or pictorial took place gradually 80s when the prestigious critic Federico Zeri enamored of the Marche region goes to the rediscovery of historical and artistic itineraries ignored by most of Italy and brings them together in one of his first major work: DIARY MARCHE. Just the critical defining this region as a vast network of municipalities, churches, palaces keepers each a treasure to discover.


In its wake, then again a desire to re-evaluation that results in our day with famous international exhibitions curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, the discovery of artists like Gentile da Fabriano, Maratta, but also of the great names in painting, architecture and cultural figures such as international Piero della Francesta Just Ghent and Rubens, who in times of great Renaissance have adorned the great courts by Montelfeltro, Della Rovere, finally, every historical period from the Middle Ages with its fortified towns, fortresses and so on up to the present day has left deep marks its spend in this region so prosperous, not only from an environmental perspective, they follow large studies and publications by a number of institutions in the Superintendency of Fine Arts in Urbino, conference debates the rediscovery of our large and small towns, to exhibit permanent visual arts as one entitled to the Master Giacomelli in Senigallia, Marche Region and project called “Happy MUSEUM” ?? a site dedicated to 400 museums present in our region.

 We can not be overlooked archaeological heritage, from the period of Piceno find small and large settlements and traces of the passage of this people, the Gauls, the Romans and Greeks in our area, a path that we could start from the city of Ancona with its Museum of ‘archeology and all public facilities emanating from its port in the late Roman period, a heritage which then extends in the other his province Ascoli where we find the archaeological site of the Roman Theatre, the Roman Villa at Osimo or the Necropolis Piceno Sirolo to name a few of the settlements.

Brands give birth to the great poet Giacomo Leopardi, Gioacchino Rossini, Beniamino Gigli, Giovanni Santi Raphael’s father who was also born and educated in Urbino, Pergolesi, Donato Bramante, Gaspare Spontini, Renata Tebaldi, Maria Montessori, Pope Pius IX.



So we could talk endlessly about these places that inspired great minds and a fervent artistic melting pot, but just visit any village in this region in many ways remained intact and preserved with care and pride by its residents to rediscover and find themselves in a ‘other dimension at a time different from ours, surrounded by the beautiful scenery and architecture.


La tua Vacanza: L’ Arte delle Marche