Maiolati Spontini


Maiolati Spontini

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The origins of Maiolati are rather uncertain. For some it was founded by the ancient inhabitants fled Cupra (Roman city destroyed before Mille); for others, after the Mille by the inhabitants of the nearby Villa Talliano near the Benedictine Monastery of St. Sixtus.

The “Villas” were human settlements around and whether created in the service of a monastery built or risen after the barbaric destruction of the previous centuries. In 1428 he suffered the complete destruction of his castle, but was rebuilt surrounded by walls still existing and well preserved.

In 1589 the “Short of Concordia” of Pope Sixtus V confirmed, among other things, the obligation of each castle subject to Jesi, including Maiolati therefore, to offer each year, on May 4 feast of St. Florian, the “Palio” the judiciary Jesi, with big festivals accompanied by a banner specially went to the early ‘800.


Here was the birthplace …

Maiolati Spontini boasts various monuments related primarily to the composer and conductor Gaspare Spontini, author of numerous works of success, in particular was triumphant reception of “The Vestal”, tragédie lyrique neoclassical exemplary, worthy of representing an entire era, replicated 200 times!

The name comes from Maiora Lata (which was the seat of the heretical sect of “fraticellli”) and Spontini in honor of the great countryman. The last home of the composer was ordered Spontiniano Museum, with original furnishings, memories, memorabilia, manuscripts and the library of the same Master.


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