City of Monterubbiano

Via Trento e Trieste, 1-0734 259 980

The origin of Monterubbiano is ancient: its territory was certainly inhabited in the late Paleolithic and Neolithic later in several Italian populations (Sicilians and Umbrians) finally was Piceno settlement.

Legend has it that in 269 BC It became a Roman colony and was given the name “Urbs Urbana” or “Urban Civitas” (Roman city).

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At the fall of the Roman Empire it underwent various barbarian invasions. He slowly lifted to emerge around Mille as “Castrum Urbiani”, which would take its name, hypothesis, this, as opposed to one that would see the derivation of the name from “madder” (plant formerly widespread in the area). Castle Monterubbiano, although part of the Papal States, experienced the vicissitudes of the free communes. Its importance to the strategic position not lost on King Ladislas of Naples, Carlo Malatesta of Cesena and Ludovico Improved, ladies of Fermo, which if it fought from 1400 to 1433, when it fell under the rule of Francesco Sforza who extended and he fortified the perimeter of the castle walls (2 km). Papal dominance became real at the end of 1500, the period when Monterubbiano experienced a relative calm, until the confluence state unitary Italian (1860).

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