Porto Recanati

Municipality of Porto Recanati

Corso Matteotti, 230-071 759971

The story of Porto Recanati is intimately linked to that of the city of Recanati, who gave him the autonomy only in January 1893.

The Porto Recanati, between the rivers Musone and Potenza was donated to the Municipality of Recanati in 1229 by Frederick II, who also gave faculty to establish a port. The events of this portion of the territory since then were closely linked to the events of this port and the castle, built in sec. XII in defense of raids from the coast.


Deserve special attention the archaeological excavations of the ancient city of “Potentia” the Roman colony, of which there are important findings in a large area to the south of Porto Recanati, was founded, as attested by literary sources, in 184 BC Maritime center of considerable traffic, the 174 was equipped with walls and of important public works. It is one of the oldest Roman colonies in the region and is often mentioned by the historian Livy. The city took the road of the inevitable decay time of the fall of the Roman Empire and in the following centuries the great barbarian invasions.

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